The solution to all of your commercial cleaning and maintenance needs.

Retail Maintenance Management has pioneered the successful implementation of maintenance outsourcing, specializing in the Retail Industry for 20 years. We pride ourselves on maintaining a superior quality of management, as demonstrated by the degree of success we have experienced in just a short time. One of our clients, Footlocker, contacted us in 2000 after having several problems in achieving the service they required. Since then, we have become one of their leading contractors for floor cleaning, window cleaning, construction clean-up, daily maintenance, locksmith calls, plumbing needs, and emergency service.

“Our mission is to offer our customers quality at affordable rates.”

RMM is a national management company specializing in all aspects of floor maintenance for the Retail Industry, with the objective to greatly improve the current standard and quality of service being provided. RMM offers a superior edge to retailers by combining experience in technical floor care and corporate management within the retail environment.

We are proud to offer each store location, thorough and consistent carpet and floor care, as well as a reduction in maintenance costs; a direct result of our nationally centralized managerial support.

Industries Serviced

Medical Facilities
Department Stores
Shopping Malls
Construction Sites
Country Clubs
Movie Theaters